Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jodie Goes to Six Flags

A few weeks ago, Jodie and I went to Six Flags with some of Jodie's friends from work. Neither of us had ever been, and I was a little ambivalent. We had a GREAT time. We hit the biggest and baddest thrill rides, and had some fun on the tamer of the rides, as well....

That's Jodie's friend, Rose, riding in the car behind me on a big, creaky, wooden roller coaster. I tried to take a video of their facial expressions, but couldn't hold the camera steady and gave up after a few seconds. When I look at it now, though...... (Click on the arrow in the middle of the picture.)

Funny what a scream sounds like when slowed down, just like.... I also got this "action shot."

One of the rides we went on was a big swing. I thought it was going to be boring, but it was actually very fun, and even more so because of its effect on the Jodester:

I think that's an adoring look in the last photo. We wandered around, and I noticed a Marine Corps recruiting table. They were giving away free prizes to guys who could do 20 pullups and women who could hold themselves up for a minute. We watched while some young ladies were literally lifted up, standing on the backs of the Marines to get their chin above the bars. I watched a strapping, young guy try and get to 8 pullups.

There's a pullup bar in the doorway to our kitchen. Jodie has the biceps (and I have the bumps on my head) as evidence. I dragged her to the table. The tough guys explained that they don't require "girls" to do actual pullups, but I brokered a deal whereby Jodie would get a t-shirt if she could do 10 pullups. They went to lift her up like the other women, but Jodie was off the ground before they could get to her. I don't think they were all that happy when Jodie showed them up......

The t-shirt is in the car on its way to Knoxville as a gift to Dr. B. The back of the t-shirt says, "Pain is the feeling of weakness leaving the body," or some cute saying they use to get guys who want to be tough to join the Marines. I wonder if the doctors at Walter Reed say the same thing to the kids who are having phantom pains where their limbs used to be?

Jodie was HUNGRY after her workout. There were little stands scattered around that offered all sorts of good and unhealthy stuff to eat, but they were all sold out of the one thing that Jodie wanted most. We walked all over the park looking, and finally found one stand that still had some! The anticipation was killing Jodie.....

But she finally found what she was looking for
and devoured it within minutes!

Now that's a WOMAN.


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